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Hi, Dale Hinton here.  I am a canuck, or Canadian, who lives in Edmonton, Alberta located in western Canada.  It usually gets very cold here in the winter time and warm in the summer.  I have lived here for 25 years and have been working in the computer field during that same time.

I got turned on to the Network Marketing industry after I started using the fitness products from Beachbody.  I started with the Power 90, then progressed to P90X.  I completed the P90X and from there moved on to the Insanity program by Shaun T.  Those products helped me get into the best shape of my life.

I noticed right away that Beachbody had a Network Marketing system to connect with the customers of their products and also to provide support, motivation and encouragement.  They called their representatives, Coaches.  As I became a satisfied used of their products, I wanted to become a Coach.  However their Coaching Business Opportunity is only available in the United States.  And so for the current time it isn’t available in Canada.  So, of course I began to look for other ways to make money on the internet.  And I came upon the MLM Lead System Pro and as I investigated that program I became convinced that it was the way to go.

I am currently doing internet marketing part-time.  I have been able to learn and put into practice many of the techniques that I have learned from the various online courses and ebooks that I have purchased.  One of the best sources of education has been from the training provided by MLSP along with their weekly webinars.  See the tab at the top for my other recommendations to see what I recommend for internet marketing.

I love to help people and contribute to their lives in a positive way. I especially live to see people breakthrough the barriers in their lives that are holding them back. So how can I help you?

I am currently building an international team of like minded people who want to build a passive residual income and who don’t want to leave any money on the table in their marketing business. This all begins by building a sales funnel and a list.  And the system I use is My Lead System Pro, or MLSP. If you would like to find out more about how MLSP can explode your business and help you to conquer the internet, then just click here.

Finally, please be sure to connect with me through any of the Social Media sites, and you can also sign up for free marketing training that is provided from my lead system. If you have a comment or question, you can click on the Contact Me tab. If you would like to talk to me on the phone or via skype then provide that information in your message along with a time that I can best reach you. I will look forward to our conversation.

Be blessed and I’ll see you at the top!!!

Dale Hinton

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