My First Week in MLM Lead System Pro MLSP

by Dale on November 15, 2009

Man this last week has been a whirlwind of activity ever since I signed up with MLM Lead System Pro, or MLSP for short.  With all the daily life commitments of my full-time job, family, church, fitness, a little bit of entertainment.  And then there’s things like taking out the garbage, helping friends, mowing the lawn in summer or shoveling snow in the winter.  And now I have taken on the task of developing an internet marketing business.

But I’ve been able to build the foundation of a successful sales funnel and attraction marketing system.  I’ve been setting up the components of the MLSP back office.  There are tons of training videos, audios and documents that guide mlsp-300x213you step-by-step through the setup process of MLSP.  But it takes time to go through of the videos and then to follow through on the tasks involved.  The challenge is to get this done as quickly as possible so that you can start bringing in traffic.

Here some of the things that I’ve been doing as part of the MLSP setup over the last week:

  • selecting a domain name for the lead capture page
  • purchasing the domain name through a domain registration website like
  • pointing this domain address to the MLSP back office

The MLM Lead System Pro provides a default auto responder or you can sign up with a custom autoresponder like or

  • optionally signing up with the Aweber autoresponer system
  • selecting the different pages to be using in your very own capture page and sales page.

You can select stock ones, but you can also customize them.  And you can upload your own videos or pictures.  You can change the copy or wording on each of the pages.  Or you can create your own from scratch.

These pages will be used in your first campaign.  There is even the option to add a second series of pages and split test the results from these two series of capture & sales pages.  The system will then rotate between page 1 and page 2 that you created.

  • I chose to sign up with ViralURL and upgrade first to their Gold membership for $197.  This Gold membership gives you the ability to send an email to 3000 of the members on their list every three days.  There was another offer to upgrade to the Elite membership level.  And I decided to purchase that also.

The Elite membership has even more features and it allows you to email to another 3000 more members, bringing the total to 6000 every three days.

  • researching and brainstorming a second website name for a blog.  The most highly recommended name to use for a blog is which for me translates into A personal blog is part of branding YOU, Inc.  This is a critical component to attraction marketing and the whole strategy of branding You, Inc.
  • purchasing the domain for my blog from
  • purchasing webhosting for the blog with hostgator.  I decided to get the baby package because it provides unlimited websites for a small extra charge.  They also had a special Autumn rebate on for 20% of the initial purchase.  This would only apply to the first month if you go with the monthly payments.  I chose to pay for one year because it ended up with a bigger rebate.

  • installing the blogging software onto the hostgator server.

The basic, plain jane theme that was loaded with Wordpress was very blase.  I started looking at other blogs to see what theme they used.

I came across a blog by Aleksandra Walters at

She was using the Thesis theme by DIYthemes.  I liked the layout of her blog and when I googled and looked up the Thesis theme, I saw the support that they offered, extra features, it is SEO friendly, and more!  You get all of these features and more for $87   You can purchase and download the Thesis theme at

The Thesis Theme from Chris Pearson and DIYthemes

  • starting a youtube channel.

My youtube channel is located at And in the same way that the wordpress blog was very bland with the default setup, the youtube channel setup is perhaps even more bland.  It looks like my next project will be to customize the youtube channel…

There are costs involved.

There were various costs that I incurred to setup the sales funnel and attraction marketing system.  I will get into the more detail of those costs in a subsequent post.  I signed up for the Aweber monthly autoresponder service.  The MLSP system provides a built in autoresponder which you get as part of the monthly fee for MLSP.  But chose to go with Aweber.

You will need a domain to point your MLSP replicated website to.  The domain I chose was

If you want to set up a blog website, then you will need a domain for that. I got my domain from  And you will also need web hosting to host it on.  I signed up for web hosting with

As I mentioned above, I also upgraded to the Elite membership with ViralURL.

The MLSP staff recommend purchasing the Magnetic Sponsoring course by Mike Dillard.  I had already bought this before I signed up with MLSP.  And there are other courses that Magnetic Sponsoring also offer which are very worthwhile.

Yes there are costs involved.  But you need to view this as an investment to start up a business.  This is no different than starting up a McDonald’s franchise.  There is an up front investment along with ongoing cost of doing business the same as there would be if you were to buy a McDonald’s franchise.  But the best advice that I have seen is that we need to treat this like a real business instead of treating it like a hobby.

So here’s my big WORD OF WARNING:

Can you see that I’ve been signing up for a lot of different services, affiliates, websites, etc.?

So keep a list of usernames and passwords for each service that you sign up for.  Keep this list in a secure but accessible place.  Also make notes of what you are doing.  You never know if you may need some of this to teach your downline or to refresh your own memory when you next need to upgrade or tweak something.

Is this beginning to sound like a bit of work?  Yes it is.  But here I am one week later with a complete attraction marketing system in place.  I have a blog website.  I am finishing writing my first article.  I have a youtube channel.  And these are some of the components to a successful network marketing system.

And now you are reading this article.  And if you are reading this, then that proves that the marketing techniques have worked.  For without the right marketing, no one would see this article.

Who knows where the next week will take me?  And the next month?  And the next year?

Stay tuned for more…

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To your unlimited success,

Attraction Marketing Coach


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1 Perig Vennetier January 21, 2010 at 11:53 am

That’s a lot for a 2 week period! Awesome job. How has it been since then?


2 Dale January 22, 2010 at 1:12 am

Thank You Perig. It’s going good. I’m still tweakin the blog and beginning to come up with article ideas to post. I saw a bit of your main blog site at and you’ve got a really sweet looking site!!! And your videos are good too….

Thanks for dropping by and commenting…



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