The Truth Will Set You Free!!!

by Dale on April 16, 2014

Have you been avoiding the truth?  Now let’s be truthful in answering that question (no pun intended).  What I am saying is that when you begin to get real trutful with yourself, and evaluate yourself, your actions, your motives, your beliefs, your strengths and your weaknesses.  Then, and only then, can you begin to make the changes to get on the road to finally seeing your dreams fulfilled.

It’s just like when you go to see your doctor for an annual exam.  Actually I’ve never had annual exams.  It’s been kind of like every decade.   But let me tell you from experience in the area of my health, that when you avoid the truth for too long, that you eventually pay the price. 

Let me tell you, you don’t want to wish you had gone for an annual exam when you’re in the hospital.  And you don’t want to wish that you had followed through on your doctor’s advice, suggestion or prescription when you’re in the hospital.  It’s usually not too late then, but there is a higher price that you pay.  You pay financially in new prescriptions, you pay in time by waiting in waiting rooms or hospital beds. 

You might pay in fractured relationships.  You definitely put an extra burden on your family.  And they have extra worry and concern when you’re in the hospital.  You are off the job when you’re in the hospital.  And you may blessed as I was to have a sick plan that keeps paying you at 100% when you are sick.  But even that runs out eventually. 

You may end up going on short term or long term sick plan.  And let me tell you that they don’t pay anywhere near 100%.  Maybe you end up on worker’s compensation.  Well that is a hastle.  Thank God, I’ve never been on that.  I have heard of some people, and it can take years for a claim to get processed.  And with any kind of sick plan, you usually have to fill out forms.  And let me tell you — I strongly dislike filling out forms.  I will do anything to get out of doing it.  Even if it means that I forfeit the service.

So those are some of the prices that you pay when you neglect your health.  Now that is a great analogy for our business.

What I suggest is that you sit down without any distractions and begin to think about what do you really believe. What do you believe about your business, about your relationships, your finances and even about your beliefs. What will you not do in your business. Many big businesses and organizations have drafted their mission statement or vision statement. These usually outline the core values of the business organization. So why not do that as a small business?

What are the truths & values that you want to define not only you as a person but your business, your family, and every aspect of your business. What would you like to be written on your tombstone? How would you like people to remember you after you pass away? It’s going to happen to all of us. Hopefully not for many years. But no matter how young you are you can’t elude death.

So how would you like to be remembered by family, friends, neighbors, customers, business partners, and others who know you? Remember it may be too late to change your relationships after you are dead. So why not leave a legacy behind?

What are your core values? Go ahead and list them in the comments below?

To your whole success,

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